• EASY, PAINLESS, EFFECTIVE SOLUTION – Our 0.25mm cosmetic microneedle roller is gentle on your face allowing you to enjoy your derma rolling experience to the fullest.
  • INCREASED SERUM ABSORPTION – Use with your favorite serums for increased absorption. We recommend vitamin c serum and hyaluronic acid serum to tighten skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For hair growth we recommend biotin serum or oil.
  • SAFE MICRONEEDLE LENGTH – Our 0.25mm cosmetic microneedle roller is so easy to use and does not hurt. Treat yourself efficiently and effortlessly with our derma roller microneedling kit. Be prepared for your friends and family’s shock once they notice your youthful fresh glow!
  • MULTI NEEDLE SIZE – 0.25mm, 0.5mm and 1mm three neede size for you to choose, to meet all your needs.
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What is a hydraroller?

On one end is a vial and on the other is a roller with lots of small, fine needles on its surface, which increase the absorption of your favorite serums while rolling in one easy step. A must have in your skincare routine for:

  • acne scarring
  • stretch marks
  • large pores
  • oily skin
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • loss of skin firmness
  • hyperpigmentation
  • hair loss

Product real photos

HydraRoller 64-Needles


  • Safe and Painless – 0.25mm microneedles are simple to use and don’t hurt. Best for beginners to derma rolling!
  • Outstanding Quality – Made with durable pure grade titanium microneedles to open your pores and promote cell regeneration. Can even be used to stimulate hair re-growth.
  • Anti Leak design – No mess with our anti-leak design. Easy to use for everyone!
  • Save Time – Two in One design allows you to derma roll with serums for better absorption.

Usage instruction

  1. Wash your skin with warm water.
  2. Soak the roller head vial about 5-8 minutes with 75% alcohol.
  3. Wash the vial with alcohol.
  4. Put the essence of the liquid into the vial. Carefully screw the top back onto the vial. Gently shake the vial 2-3 times.
  5. Remove the cover.
  6. Roll the skin surface with the roller gently until the essence of the liquid is fully absorbed by the face.


  • Do not share roller with other person for hygiene.
  • Keep the roller always clean. Clean the roller after using.
  • Please place roller out of children’s reach.

Technical specs

Product Name HydraRoller 64-Needles (sterile)
Needle Material Titanium
Needle Number 64 pcs
Needle Length 0.25 mm / 0.5 mm / 1 mm
Bottle Material Glass
Bottle Capacity 10 ml
Package Standard export carton
1pc: 11*7*3cm, 33g
100pcs: 43*17*35cm, 4kg
200pcs: 44*34*32cm, 7.5kg
300pcs: 50*35*45cm, 12.5kg

Packing list

Hydra Roller 1 pc
Serum Vial 1 pc
Roller Cover 1 pc
Package Box 1 pc

More info you may want to know

When the hydraroller is rolled over the skin, the small, fine needles on the roller puncture the skin.

The holes that the needles create in the skin are tiny and considered to be superficial. For this reason, the treatment is not seen as invasive.

When the skin is punctured, this creates a controlled skin injury. It does not cause actual damage to the outer layer of skin. The needles help to break down any scar tissue. The controlled injuries to the skin lead to superficial bleeding. This triggers the body’s wound healing response, and the following occurs:

  • the skin releases substances that stimulate growth
  • new blood vessels form in the skin
  • the skin starts to make more collagen

Over the next 5 days, the collagen produced by the body is deposited in the area of treated skin. This helps the skin to become firmer and may reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles.

Trying the following tips and best practices may help to improve a person’s hydrarolling results:

  • take vitamin A and C supplements in the month before treatment to boost collagen production
  • avoid use around areas of infected acne
  • never share the device with another person


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