SmartTecar Wave – ESWT & EMS & Tecar Therapy 3 in one system


ESWT & EMS & Tecar Therapy 3 in one system

Combing Extracorporeal ShockWave Therapy, Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Tecar Therapy, for acute and chronic pain, sport injuries, musculoskeletal disorders indications, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment and Peyronie’s Disease (PD) treatment.

  • Compact and lightweight design

  • Control via 10.4 inch LCD touchscreen

  • Preprogrammed treatment protocols

  • Easy to use, quick and simple set-up

  • ESWT: 7 ESWT tips for different treatment area

  • ESWT: Special designed tips with low intensity for ED and PD treatment

  • ESWT: The unique digital ESWT handpiece with Overheat Auto Self-Protection System

  • EMS: The unique designed EMS self-suction cups free your hands

  • EMS: The powerful EMS function with frequency up to 30Hz and total 9 working modes, meets all your needs

  • Tecar: Integrating RET(Resistive energy transfer) and CET(Capacitive energy transfer) for both superficial structures and deep structures

  • Tecar: 20/40/60MM three different size tips for different treatment area

ESWT Handpiece with 7 tips

The lightweight, hand-held applicator can be fitted with 7 shock transmitter tips, depending on the area and size of the tissue to be treated.

  • Application energy: 5-200mj

  • High shock frequency: 1 – 18 Hz / pps (pulses per second)

  • New digital shockwave therapy handpiece

  • #5 tip for prostate, #6 and #7 tips especially for penis

  • Bullet lifetime up to 3 million shocks

  • Shockwave therapy generation: electromagnetic

EMS Self-Vacuum Cups

The SmartTecar Wave is equipped with 4 EMS self-vacuum suction cups, free your hands to do something else.

  • Working frequency: 1~30Hz

  • Working modes: 9

  • Max electric: 100V

  • Sponge is reusable after sterilization

  • Bandages not required

  • Functional products used for better results

  • Simple to use, hands-free and time-saving


Tecar Handpieces & Tips

tecar handpieces and tips

Tecar Therapy is for both acute and chronic sport injuries and musculoskeletal disorders indications: Trigger Points in Cervical Region, Low Back Pain, Cervical Pain, Painful Shoulder, Tendinitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Gonalgia, Ankle Distortion, Triceps Surae Regeneration, Trigger Points in Quadriceps Muscle.

  • Capacitive energy transfer (CET) heads are used to treat superficial structures, such as skin and muscles. Resistive energy transfer (RET) heads treat deep structures, such as deep muscles, tendons and bones

  • 20 / 40 / 60 MM tips for different treatment area

  • Required to work with the neutral electrode

Screen Interface

  • 10.4 inch LCD touchscreen with user-friendly and simple interface

  • Preprogrammed treatment protocols and recommendation for simple use

Operational Demo

Technical Specifications

ESWT Frequency 1~18 Hz
ESWT Energy 5~200 mj
ESWT Bullet Lifetime 3 million shocks
EMS Working Frequency 1~30 Hz
EMS Working Modes 9
EMS Max Electric 100 V
Tecar Frequency 300 KHZ(RET), 450 KHZ(CET)
Tecar Tips Diameter 20 / 40 / 60 MM
Display Languages English, Spanish, Italian
LCD Screen Size 10.4 inch
Voltage 220V / 50 Hz, 110 V / 60 Hz

Packing List

Host 1 unit
ESWT Handpiece 1 pc
ESWT Tips 1 set (7 pcs)
ESWT Bullet 2 pcs
EMS Self-Vacuum Cup 1 set (4 pcs)
CET Handpiece 1 pc
CET Tips 3 pcs
RET Handpiece 1 pc
RET Tips 3 pcs
Neutral Electrode 1 pc
Power Supply Line 1 pc
User Manual 1 pc

Operation Video & Brochure & Manual


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