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PMST LOOP PEMF therapy machine for human

PMST LOOP PEMF machine is our rugged new high-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field therapy machine with a max PEMFs amplitude of 6000 Gauss. This high-intensity pulsed magnetic field therapy device is an ideal choice for home, any field professional, clinic, rehab or therapy center.

The durable travel case with wheels is also ideal for multi-clinic and field service professionals. Easily serve clients or use at home or office to alleviate pain, boost performance, expedite recovery, improve mobility, and general wellness.

PMST LOOP PEMF Machine Overview

PMST LOOP PEMF Machine Features

pemf machine features
  • 5 Choices of intensity (2000 ~ 6000 Gauss)

  • 5 Choices of frequency (2Hz/4Hz/6Hz/8Hz/MF)

  • 5 or 10 minutes session timer

  • Simply begin the pulsed electromagnetic treatment with ON/OFF button after selecting intensity, frequency and time

  • 2 Plug machine attachments

  • 2 Standard applicators: Single Loop and Double Loop. 2 Optional applicators: Double Paddle and Whole-body Mat

  • Only use 1 applicator at a time. Important: Always make sure that the power button is in OFF position before connecting/changing the applicator

  • Portable durable travel case (weight capacity: 550 lbs) for the travelling or mobile professional

  • PMST LOOP PEMF machine always works properly worldwide due to 100~240 V voltage input

  • No regularly scheduled maintenance required

  • Built-in air cooling system for continuous working without failure

  • Made in Guangzhou, China and shipped worldwide

  • 3 Years warranty

PMST LOOP PEMF Machine Applicators

Single Loop (Standard)

  • Max. energy output: 8900 Gauss
  • 12″ diameter for large treatment areas
  • Standard 6-foot lead
  • It can be placed over the abdomen to treat the gut and lungs, or configured in such a way as to direct treatment at the pelvis or hip. It can be placed over the head like a necklace so that it rests on the shoulders

Double Loop (Standard)

  • Max. energy output: 14000 Gauss (single loop), 24700 Gauss (double loop stacked)
  • 6″ diameter for specific areas & joints
  • Standard 6-foot lead
  • It can be used in many ways. It can be configured around a joint like a knee or shoulder or made to open around the neck. It can be “closed” or left open and used for brain stimulation

Double Paddle (Optional)

  • Max. energy output: 13700 Gauss (single paddle), 19800 Gauss (double paddle stacked)
  • 8″ diameter for specific areas & joints
  • Standard 6-foot lead
  • The Paddles may be double-stacked or used to “sandwich” extremities, and deliver concentrated magnetic pulses in numerous position options

Whole-body Mat (Optional)

  • Max. energy output: 8300 Gauss
  • 55″ L x 25″ W dimensions for the whole body
  • Standard 6-foot lead
  • The foldable Mat offers whole-body coverage for multiple resting positions. Experience the benefits of PEMF while comfortably lying on your back, stomach, or side

User-friendly control panel: Simply select your preferred intensity, frequency, time, and begin your electro magnetic healing treatment with the ON/OFF button

pemf machine control panel

Product Specs

Waveform Pulse
Maximum Intensity 6000 Gauss (600,000 microTesla)
Frequency 2Hz, 4Hz, 6Hz, 8Hz, MF (3Hz-8Hz-6Hz multi-frequency cyclically work)
Program Duration 5 or 10 minutes (preset)
Output Power 850 W
Voltage Input 100~240V AC
IP Rating IP 31
Control Unit Weight 44 lbs
Control Unit Dimensions 23″ x 9″ x 14″

What’s Included

Control Unit 1
Single Loop 1
Double Loop 1
Power Cord 1
User Manual 1

Customer Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between PMST LOOP, PMST LOOP EQ and PMST LOOP Desktop?2024-01-11T17:10:57+08:00
Design Travel case Travel case Desktop
Control method Button Button Screen & Knob
Color Yellow, black, blue, orange Black Gray
 Applicator lead length 6 feet 10 feet 6 feet
Wheels Standard wheels Large off-road wheels None
Suitable for Human use Animal use Human use
Attachments with machine Single Loop (Standard)

Double Loop (Standard)

Double Paddle (Optional)

Whole-body Mat (Optional)

Single Loop (Standard)

Double Loop (Standard)

Double Paddle (Optional)

X Wings (Optional)

Single Loop (Standard)

Double Loop (Standard)

Double Paddle (Optional)

Whole-body Mat (Optional)

Technical specs All same
What accessories does it come with?2024-01-11T17:27:07+08:00

PMST LOOP PEMF machine comes with 2 standard applicators: Single Loop and Double Loop.

But you can separately purchase the optional applicators: Double Paddle and Whole-body Mat.

Is it a PEMF machine?2023-09-23T17:27:15+08:00

Yes it is. PMST LOOP uses PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology.

What is the range of the hertz settings?2023-09-23T17:29:04+08:00

There’s two modes in frequency:

  • Mode 1: Fixed frequency. You can select 2Hz, 4Hz, 6Hz or 8Hz on the control panel before and during the treatment.
  • Mode 2: Multi-Frequency (MF). 3Hz-8Hz-6Hz multi-frequency cyclically work.
Are intensity levels adjustable?2023-09-23T17:29:36+08:00

Yes, the intensity can be adjusted before and during the treatment. 5 choices of levels:
Level 1: 2000 Gauss
Level 2: 3000 Gauss
Level 3: 4000 Gauss
Level 4: 5000 Gauss
Level 5: 6000 Gauss

How to select suitable intensity?2023-09-23T17:30:06+08:00

Select your suitable intensity level: Decrease the level or move the applicator slightly away if the intensity is too high. Increase the level or move the applicator closer if the intensity is too low.

Can you increase the intensity? 6000 Gauss is low intensity.2023-09-23T17:30:48+08:00

No, 6000 Gauss is the max one currently. But it’s enough for the treatment. Usually, the max intensity level we use is 4 (5000 Gauss).

The maximum treatment time is 10 minutes? Is it possible to switch to 20 minutes timer?2023-09-23T17:31:31+08:00

There’re 2 timer for your choice: 5 minutes or 10 minutes.

Usually, one treatment takes 5~20 mins. If you need longer treatment, press 5/10 timer button again after the current 5/10 timer treatment.

Can you use it for the body and the brain?2023-09-23T17:32:06+08:00

Yes, PMST LOOP can be used for both body and the brain.

If you want to use it for brain, use the lowest intensity and always consult your medical doctor.

Can I use it to treat different nerves?2023-09-23T17:32:39+08:00

Yes, the lowest intensity of 2000 Gauss can be used for nerves to reduce anxiety and depression. And always consult your medical doctor before the treatment.

Is it unlimited amount of pulses? Or does it need to be recharged somehow?2023-09-23T17:33:24+08:00

There’s no limited amount of pulses. No consumables for our PEMF devices.

All our applicators can be used for over 2 years. You can buy new applicators as replacement if you think the current applicators are not strong enough after long-term use.

Does it have any side effects?2023-09-23T17:34:03+08:00

PMST LOOP is the PEMF device for safe, non-invasive and painless treatment.

There’s no significant side effects that affect the health.

Some individuals may experience mild skin irritation or redness at the site of application. But this is temporary and will disappear naturally soon.

Can it be used in prostheses?2023-09-23T17:34:40+08:00

Firstly consult your medical doctor if the prostheses is magnetizable. If not, our PMST LOOP can be used in the prostheses with your doctor’s guidance.

Can it be used for acute pain?2023-09-23T17:35:25+08:00

Yes, it can be used for acute pain. Our PMST LOOP PEMFs devices can be used as a complementary option to alleviate the acute and chronic pain.

What is PEMF?2023-09-23T17:36:58+08:00

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is using electromagnets to generate pulsating magnetic fields and applying them to the body for recovery and rejuvenation. PEMF therapy is one of the best anti-aging technologies as it provides immense benefits for physiological as well as neurological health.

PEMF therapy provides benefits:
PEMF therapy reduces pain in both chronic and acute conditions, often better and faster than traditional treatments. By kick-starting the cellular repair process which also improves hormonal functions, the pain is taken care of naturally due to reversal of the underlying condition.

PEMF therapy maximizes growth factors by increasing nitric oxide production, effectively reducing inflammation and improving vascular function. It’s easily possible to improve nerve strength, heart health, experience longevity effects and heal old injuries with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy.

PEMF therapy stimulates all tissues to have more energy to regenerate, whether as a response to normal ageing or because of an injury, no matter what the cellular dysfunction. By turbo-charging mitochondrial performance, wounds can heal up to 50% faster with PEMF therapy.

High intensity PEMF therapy dramatically increases blood circulation & blood oxygenation, boosting cellular respiration & metabolism by improving the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. This extra oxygen is non-toxic as the cells are now capable of utilizing the extra oxygen and indeed works to rejuvenate.

Who can purchase the PMST LOOP?2023-09-23T17:37:33+08:00

Anyone can purchase a PMST LOOP device. No certification or license is necessary for purchase.

What conditions can be treated with the PMST LOOP?2023-09-23T17:38:07+08:00

PMST LOOP devices can be used by almost anyone to treat almost any health condition. The most widely-used application is pain, whether it is from trauma, arthritis, or degeneration. The PMST LOOP is also often used by athletes before training to increase energy production and after training to speed up the body’s repair process. Injuries that refuse to heal, including nagging or lingering aches and pains, can easily be treated with the PMST LOOP. New or non-union fractures can be stimulated to repair. The PMST LOOP can even be used on the head to help with cognition, mood stabilization, and neurological and movement disorders. PMST LOOP devices can also be used as preventative medicine – regularly treating the body with PEMFs helps to ensure that it continues to operate optimally.

How quickly will the PMST LOOP improve my condition?2023-09-23T17:38:41+08:00

This depends entirely on the condition and health of the person being treated. Short-term effects, such as a decrease in cortisol and increase in endorphins, and an increase in circulation can make some conditions improve immediately during and after treatment. Longer-term effects, such as nervous system improvement or the suspension of a degenerative process will take time. How much time is dependent on the extent of the damage in the tissues, how long it’s been there, and the age and condition of the individual.

What does a PMST LOOP treatment feel like?2023-09-23T17:39:13+08:00

Patients will experience a gentle but noticeable tick or jump in the tissues being stimulated.

Besides these ticking sensations, many patients feel warmth at the site of the applicator. This is as a result of the dramatically increased circulation in the immediate area. And many patients report a feeling of calm or relaxation during and immediately after a treatment session. Most often this is likely due to a significant increase in neurotransmitters, especially endorphins and enkephalins.

Can the PMST LOOP be used alongside other modalities?2023-09-23T17:39:48+08:00

Yes. PEMF therapy is complementary to many other modalities, including nutritional/supplemental medicine, bodywork, acupuncture, infrared, and other frequency therapies. Because PEMF therapy is so efficient at clearing out energy blockages, it can make other therapies more effective – this is especially true with acupuncture and massage.

PEMF therapy improves cellular membrane permeability and therefore improves nutrient uptake. Any supplements or medications being taken in conjunction with magnetic therapy will therefore be more effective than it would be alone.

Are there any contraindications to using the PMST LOOP?2023-09-23T17:40:23+08:00

Absolute contraindications are implanted electrical devices including pacemakers, cochlear implants, intrathecal pumps, etc., because the magnetic field can shut the device off, as would happen with an MRI. PEMFs have not been proven safe for pregnant women, although there is no evidence of harm, either. People with Grave’s disease or overactive adrenal or thyroid glands should use PEMFs with caution, as glands can become overstimulated and fatigued. Conditions with active bleeding, especially into the gut, should be controlled before PEMFs are applied. Patients known to be especially vulnerable to cardiac dysrhythmias should exercise caution when using high-intensity PEMFs near the heart. Do not use on people with organ transplants on immunosuppression

Extremely high intensity PEMFs should be used with caution or with professional guidance in people with implanted metals, such as joint replacements, dental implants, mechanical heart valves, metal stents, or metal staples in blood vessels. This is not due to risk of injury or harm, but because PEMFs extremely high intensities may stimulate the nerves in the area of the metal, causing sharp pain. High intensity PEMFs may add to the shear stress of metal clips placed in or near blood vessels.

Can the PMST LOOP be used if I have implanted metals?2023-09-23T17:40:59+08:00

With few exceptions, yes. Studies show that magnetic fields dramatically improve the osteointegration of the existing bone with the implant. Patients with joint replacements especially can benefit from PEMF therapy, and report fewer problems with the implant, along with extending the life of the implant itself. it is preferable to use low to medium intensity stimulation to begin with to assess the level of tolerance of the individual. High intensity stimulation may create significant discomfort and may be quite alarming to the individual. If higher intensity stimulation tends to cause intolerable discomfort, the solution typically is to decrease the level of intensity to tolerance.

The exception applies to metal stents, in which case use of the PMST LOOP has not been proven safe.

How many treatments can be performed back to back without damaging the device?2024-03-28T15:50:47+08:00

The machine can continuously work for several hours and multiple treatments. But the applicator will heat up after 20 minutes of use and it’s recommended to let the applicator cool down for 30 minutes before the next treatment.

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