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PMST LOOP EQ, the PEMF machine for horses, livestock and pets.

Powerful and portable PMST LOOP EQ makes quick work of customized animal pulsing sessions. The PMST LOOP EQ has become a preferred solution for farms, trainers, and veterinarian offices.

The PMST LOOP EQ comes in an all-terrain case with rugged off-road wheels, which is great for business use, to help your animals alleviate pain, boost performance, expedite recovery, improve mobility, and general wellness.



features of pemf machine for horses
  • 5 Choices of intensity (2000 ~ 6000 Gauss)

  • 5 Choices of frequency (2Hz/4Hz/6Hz/8Hz/MF)

  • 5 or 10 minutes session timer

  • Simply begin the pulsed electromagnetic treatment with ON/OFF button after selecting intensity, frequency and time

  • 2 Plug machine attachments

  • 2 Standard applicators: Single Loop and Double Loop. 2 Optional applicators: Double Paddle and X Wings

  • Only use 1 applicator at a time. Important: Always make sure that the power button is in OFF position before connecting/changing the applicator

  • Portable durable all-terrain case (weight capacity: 550 lbs) with rugged off-road wheels for the travelling or mobile professional

  • PMST LOOP EQ always works properly worldwide due to 100~240 V voltage input

  • No regularly scheduled maintenance required

  • Built-in air cooling system for continuous working without failure

  • Made in Guangzhou, China and shipped worldwide

  • 3 Years warranty

PMST LOOP EQ Applicators

Single Loop (Standard)

  • Max. energy output: 8900 Gauss
  • 12″ diameter for large treatment areas
  • Standard 10-foot lead

Double Loop (Standard)

  • Max. energy output: 14000 Gauss (single loop), 24700 Gauss (double loop stacked)
  • 6″ diameter for specific Areas & Joints
  • Standard 10-foot lead

Double Paddle (Optional)

  • Max. energy output: 13700 Gauss (single paddle), 19800 Gauss (double paddle stacked)
  • 8″ diameter for specific areas & joints
  • Standard 10-foot lead
  • The Paddles may be double-stacked or used to “sandwich” extremities, and deliver concentrated magnetic pulses in numerous position options

X Wings (Optional)

  • Max. energy output: 8551 Gauss
  • 20″ diameter for large treatment areas
  • Standard 10-foot lead
  • The X Wings provide consistent PEMF on either side of the loop to enhance overall wellness. It’s great for horses or big animals because they can address a larger area at once

User-friendly control panel: Simply select your preferred intensity, frequency, time, and begin the electro magnetic healing treatment with the ON/OFF button

pemf machine control panel

Product Specs

Waveform Pulse
Maximum Intensity 6000 Gauss (600,000 microTesla)
Frequency 2Hz, 4Hz, 6Hz, 8Hz, MF (3Hz-8Hz-6Hz multi-frequency cyclically work)
Program Duration 5 or 10 minutes (preset)
Output Power 850 W
Voltage Input 100~240V AC
IP Rating IP 31
Control Unit Weight 44 lbs
Control Unit Dimensions 23″ x 9″ x 14″

What’s Included

Control Unit 1
Single Loop 1
Double Loop 1
Power Cord 1
User Manual 1

Customer Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between PMST LOOP, PMST LOOP EQ and PMST LOOP Desktop?2024-01-11T17:10:57+08:00
Design Travel case Travel case Desktop
Control method Button Button Screen & Knob
Color Yellow, black, blue, orange Black Gray
 Applicator lead length 6 feet 10 feet 6 feet
Wheels Standard wheels Large off-road wheels None
Suitable for Human use Animal use Human use
Attachments with machine Single Loop (Standard)

Double Loop (Standard)

Double Paddle (Optional)

Whole-body Mat (Optional)

Single Loop (Standard)

Double Loop (Standard)

Double Paddle (Optional)

X Wings (Optional)

Single Loop (Standard)

Double Loop (Standard)

Double Paddle (Optional)

Whole-body Mat (Optional)

Technical specs All same
What applicators does it come with?2024-01-12T12:05:52+08:00

PMST LOOP EQ comes with 2 standard applicators: Single Loop and Double Loop.

But you can separately purchase the optional applicators: Double Paddle and X Wings.

PEMF Benefits for Animals?2023-09-27T22:22:16+08:00

Optimize Animal Wellness Non-Invasively
PEMF generates energy at the cellular level without medically invasive procedures. The Single Loop and Double Loop are designed to effectively apply a pulsing electromagnetic field to the body without introducing any apparatus beneath the skin. Anatomically, the amplification of natural energy encourages the body to function more effectively for overall wellness.

Increase Range of Motion
Studies on animal subjects associate PEMF with decreased inflammation and increased circulation, which may support the extension of muscle fibers for a higher active range of motion, freer movement, and a smoother, longer stride For pets, livestock, and animal athletes alike, this means the ability to comfortably utilize a boost of natural energy for optimal performance, pursuit, and play!

Generate Natural Cellular Energy
According to research, the body’s cells are similar to batteries. They hold a charge and can become depleted of energy over time by environmental stressors. PEMF applies energy directly to the cell, and the body’s holistic nature uses that cellular energy as a catalyst for full-body energy.

Natural Support for Healthy Joint and Cartilage Function
Studies on animal subjects have shown that PEMF may improve calcium and collagen production. Since animal athletes, work animals, and larger animals carrying a “wide load” put a lot of stress on their joints, this additional support coupled with increased range of motion could make a world of difference. As the tissues lining the joints deteriorate over time, PEMF can help aging animals produce these crucial nutrients their bodies need to keep thriving!

Assist with Muscle Fatigue & Discomfort After Exercise
Studies have shown that PEMF triggers a decrease in perceived muscle soreness, minimizing stall rest or downtime to keep animals active and happy. This, along with its effect on energy levels, makes PEMF the perfect complement to conditioning programs for high-performing animal athletes, livestock, and recreational animals alike.

Support General Relaxation
Animals often experience PEMF as a soothing, restorative modality. In fact, studies have shown that PEMF has the ability to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (the body’s “rest and digest” response) at a pattern identical to that of manual acupuncture.

How many treatments can be performed back to back without damaging the device?2024-03-28T15:50:47+08:00

The machine can continuously work for several hours and multiple treatments. But the applicator will heat up after 20 minutes of use and it’s recommended to let the applicator cool down for 30 minutes before the next treatment.

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