Classical ultrasonic cavitation multi-application platform

Applying an advanced combination of ultrasonic cavitation, multi-polar rf, vacuum and laser to treat area of abdomen, flanks, thighs, buttocks, under chin and upper arm, etc.

  • 10-inch LCD touchscreen with user-friendly and simple interface

  • Convenient tool holder keeps treatment hand pieces close at hand

  • Highly efficient and effective treatments with proven results
  • Cost effective with quicker treatments, for a better return on your investment
  • Safety and flexibility of a non-invasive solution

Product Annotations

4 handpieces in one system

ultrasonic cavitation handpiece

Ultrasonic Cavitation Handpiece

  • Classical 40KHz Cavitaton Technology

  • A non-invasive method to breakdown stubborn fat deposits

  • Perfect for people need help where diet and exercise just won’t work

multipolar radiofrequency skin tightening handpiece

Multi-polar RF Handpiece

  • 5MHz Multi-polar Radio Frequency Technology

  • Penetrates deeper into skin and affect the deeper dermis for collagen regeneration

  • For skin tightening, wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation

large vacuum slimming handpiece
small vacuum slimming handpiece

Large & Small Vacuum Handpiece

  • Powerful negative vacuum up to 100KPa

  • Six working modes

  • To enhance lymphatic drainage and assists in shrinkage of fat cells volume

lipolaser handpieces

Laser Pads

  • Laser with wavelength of 650nm

  • Multi-size pads for different treatment area

  • For local fat melt and body contouring

Technical Specs

Cavitation Frequency40KHz
Multipolar RF Frequency5MHz
Vacuum Intensity10KPa~100KPa
Vacuum Working Modes6
Laser Wavelength650nm
Laser Diodes Quant.18
Laser Output18*40mW
Touchscreen Size10-inch
Unit Dimension45*60*120 cm

Packing List

Host1 unit
Ultrasonic Cavitation Handpiece1 pc
Multi-polar RF Handpiece1 pc
Large Vacuum Handpiece1 pc
Small Vacuum Handpiece1 pc
Large Laser Pad4 pcs
Small Laser Pad2 pcs
Accessories Frame2 pcs
Pedal Switch1 pc
Bind Ties5 pcs
Black Tube1 pc
Power Supply Line1 pc
User Manual1 pc
Sealing Ring10 pcs
Hexagonal Wrench1 pc
Hexagonal Screw10 pcs

Product Manual

LaserCavitation Manual


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