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HIEMS MAX4 Light – 2022 most popular hiemt pro machine, 50% power increase, 100% performance increase, EMT & EMS 2-in-1.


hiemt pro machine overview
hi emt machine

HIEMS MAX4 Light – Portable 4 heads hiemt pro machine integrating EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation), which helps women and men burn fat and build muscle simultaneously at 6 body parts: abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, biceps, triceps.

  • The hiemt pro machine combines EMT(Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer) with EMS(Electric Muscle Stimulation)

  • EMT is for deep muscles contraction, while EMS is for superficial muscles contraction, better results can be achieved by EMT & EMS 2in1 system

  • Comparing with HIEMT Light PRO, energy output of HIEMS MAX4 Light increased by 50%! And its performance increased by 100%!

  • Brand new built-in air-cooling system, continuous working without failure. No need cooling water any more

  • Four handpieces (2 abdominal handpieces & 2 arms handpieces) work simultaneously with different working intensity for different person or different areas, more profitable

  • Additionally, purchase the Pelvic Floor Muscles Handpiece to work with the hiemt pro machine, for pelvic floor muscles training, postpartum recovery, reproductive health care, Urinary Incontinence treatment, Urine Extravasation treatment, prostate health care

  • The Start/Pause button on handpieces for easier operation during treatment

  • The plug-in type handpieces’ lifespan up to 6000 hours

  • Dynamic temperature monitoring & lifespan monitoring & fault self-checking

  • Maximum working frequency up to 135 Hz

  • 100 ~ 240 V wide range of voltages, the hiemt pro machine always works fine all over the world

  • Designed specially for your salon, spa and clinic

  • 8 inches LCD touch screen

  • 2 Working modes: Auto & Manual

  • Pain-free, Non-surgical, Non-invasive

  • Supramaximal Magnetic Energy – The high intensity magnetic energy covers big skeletal muscles of the human body, and this high level energy allows musle responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure

  • Stronger Stimulation – Double layer coil generates deeper and stronger high intensity electromagnetic effects

  • High Efficacy – One 30 minutes session equals 30000 sit-ups, gain muscle and lose fat at the same time with the hiemt pro machine

  • Recharging System – the hiemt pro machine automatically generates a code, which controls the usage count and time. Used for machine’s rental, cooperative management, membership usage after code purchase

Four HIEMT PRO Handpieces

  • Integrating EMS(Electric Muscle Stimulation) technology

  • Energy output increased by 50%

  • Design and construction are based on a high level of ergonomy to be user-friendly for patients and doctors

  • Air-cooling applicators that allows long time operation without any overheat issue. Water is not needed any more.

  • Four hiemt pro applicators to treat all of your concerns

  • The Start/Pause button on handpiece for easier operation during treatment

  • Plug-in type connectors for easier removal of handpieces from hiemt pro machine

Screen Interface

  • 8 inches LCD touchscreen with user-friendly and simple interface

  • Channel A & B can be separately controlled

  • Multiple display languages are available

  • 2 working modes for your choice: AUTO mode for easier operation, MANUAL mode for preciser operation

  • EMS function only works with AUTO mode. It is not working when using MANUAL mode.

Pelvic Floor Muscles Handpiece

Operation Demo

Technical Specs

Power 1700VA
Output Power 0-9 Tesla (+/- 20%)
Screen 8 inches LCD touchscreen
Display Languages English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese
Pulse Width 360 µs
System Cooling Air cooling
Electromagnetic Coil Diameter 129 mm
Working Mode Auto, Manual
Working Time 1-30 minutes
EMT Working Intensity 1%-100%
EMT Working Frequency F1 (1-60Hz), F2 (1-135Hz), F3 (1-90Hz)
EMS Working Intensity 1-15
EMS Working Mode M1: EMS and EMT work simultaneously
M2: EMS and EMT work by turns
Voltage 100 – 240 V (wide range)
Fuse FL5*20 T15AL250V (220V),
RT28-32(RO15)20A 500V (110V)

Packing List

HIEMT PRO machine 1 unit
HIEMT PRO Handpiece 4 pcs
Power Supply Line 1 pc
User Manual 1 pc
Handpieces Frame 4 pcs
Bandage (0.75m), Bandage (1.5m) 1 set
Hexagonal Screw Wrench 1 pc

How HI-EMT Works

how magnetic muscle stimulation emslim works

Powered by MMS technology, HIEMT PRO machine is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy, penetrates through the skin to target fat layers and the muscle layer, inducing powerful involuntary muscle contractions.

The body’s response to these contractions is to strengthen its muscle fibers, resulting in improved muscle gain and fat lose.

After treatments, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, biceps and triceps are firmer and have a more defined and toned appearance.

Customer Questions & Answers

What is your warranty for this machine?2022-03-30T16:19:37+08:00

We offer lifelong technical support and free replacement parts in warranty of 3 years from the date of purchase, effectively protect your investment.

  • All our machines are under strict quality management to ensure superior quality.
  • Technical solution can be offered asap if any technical problem.
  • Free replacement parts can be offered asap if any parts problem, and the replacement parts will 100% resolve the problem.
  • If whole machine is broken, we offer complete core for free, machine will be brand new after replacing the core.

We offer videos on how to replace and you can do the job quickly and easily by yourself. We pay for shipping for all replacement parts.

What is the password to start the machine?2022-04-15T16:21:51+08:00


Is trolley included in the package?2022-04-16T16:41:20+08:00

No, the trolley (stand) is not included in your package. You can buy the trolley at your local market after you received the machine.

Do they have CE certificate?2022-04-15T16:26:20+08:00

Yes, all our machines have CE certificates, which can be offered any time you need.

What is the voltage of machine?2022-04-15T16:28:20+08:00

100 ~ 240 V wide range of voltages, always working well all over the world.

Will the machine arrive in good condition?2022-04-15T16:33:44+08:00

Yes, the machine is packed in standard export plywood case with shockproof PE foam protection. See our packing process as below:

Will the machine come assembled or i have to assemble it by myself?2022-04-16T15:54:52+08:00

The machine will be assembled well except the machine’s control panel. But it’s simple to install it, see installation video as below:

Will the machine arrive with everything i need?2021-12-27T12:38:39+08:00

Yes, the package includes all necessary parts, accessories. You will receive everything needed to start your business instantly or your own use.

Do the four handpieces work at the same time?2023-03-08T16:36:35+08:00

Yes, the 4 handpieces can work at the same time if you connected 4 handpieces.

Can i use only one handpiece at the same time?2021-12-27T12:39:06+08:00

If you want only one handpiece to work, connecting only one handpiece with the machine.

What are the contraindications?2021-12-27T12:39:30+08:00

1. People with heart disease or high blood pressure, or configured cardiac pacemaker.
2. Patients with acute inflammation, asthma, deep vein thrombosis, thyroncus, cancer.
3. People with hemorrhagic disease, trauma or who is bleeding.
4. Pregnant women and child.
5. Medical plastic parts, or artificial parts filling inside.
6. People with metal inside the area to be treated.
7. Patient with skin inflammation or with edema.
8. People with an abnormal immune system.
9. Numb or insensitive to heat.

What is the treatment protocol?2022-04-16T16:12:15+08:00
  • One session: 30 mins
  • Max. sessions for the same area in one week: 3 sessions
  • One course: 12 sessions
  • You begin to see results after: 1 course
  • Obvious results can be achieved after: 3 courses
What is the maximum treatments per zone we can do?2022-04-18T20:57:43+08:00

We recommend max. 3 treatments on the same area in one week.

What Does It Feel Like?2022-04-16T16:14:57+08:00

It feels like an intensive workout. But you can lay down and relax during the treatment.

Is There Any Downtime? Any Pre/Post Treatment Preparation?2021-12-27T12:39:56+08:00

It’s non-invasive and requires no recovery time or any pre/post treatment preparation.

Can a woman who has breast implants still have the procedure?2021-12-27T12:40:11+08:00

The treated area should not contain metal, medical plastic parts or artificial filling parts. The working handpiece should stay far away from the area with metal parts or implants. So if a woman has breast implants, she can still have treatments on other areas, e.g. legs (stomach can not be treated, cause it’s near to breast).

Can you explain how this machine will harm a woman’s breast implants?2022-04-18T20:42:04+08:00

If the handpiece is too close to breast with implants, the metal in implants can be heated up and effected by the magnetic energy emitted from the handpiece.

How long must a woman wait after having a baby to have treatments? Can she have any of the treatments if she is breast feeding?2021-12-27T12:40:17+08:00

-If a woman is breast feeding after having a baby, she can not be treated with HIEMTPRO.

-If a woman is not breast feeding after having a baby, and if it’s natural childbirth, she has to wait for 1 week for treatment after having a baby. If it’s Caesarean Section, she can not have treatments until wound has been completely healed.

Can someone come everyday for treatments of different areas?2021-12-27T12:40:21+08:00

Yes they can be treated on different parts everyday (e.g. do legs Monday, stomach Tuesday, Butt Wednesday). But we recommend max. 3 treatments on the same area in one week.

Is it possible to treat multiple parts of the body on the same day?2022-04-18T20:43:03+08:00

Yes you can treat multiple parts of the body on the same day, e.g. abdomen and thighs on the same day. But we recommend max. 3 treatments on the same area in one week.

How much shall I charge my patients per MMS session?2021-12-27T12:40:27+08:00

Below is our advice for your reference:

1 Session MMS (30min & 1 Area): 40 USD / 1 Session

4-Session MMS (30min & 1 Area): 150 USD / 4 Sessions

8-Session MMS (30min & 1 Area): 275 USD / 8 Session

I got the pelvic floor attachment and I don’t feel anything when I am sitting in it. Is that right?2022-04-16T16:29:54+08:00

Pelvic floor handpiece’s energy output point is the circle at the center of handpiece. You have to keep moving during treatment until you can feel the muscle contraction.

There’s noise after the machine stops working, do I have to power off machine after the noise disappeared?2021-12-27T12:40:38+08:00

The machine is air cooling system, it keeps cooling itself during and after treatment, and it makes noise during cooling process. So please wait for a few minutes until the noise disappeared and power off machine.

Can I do cavitation radiofrequency and hiemtpro treatment at the same time?2021-12-27T12:40:42+08:00

Yes you can do other treatments together with hiemtpro treatment.

How to setup the manual mode for optimum results?2022-04-15T15:22:38+08:00
Muscle Growth Muscle Growth and Fat Reduction Pelvic
Working Intensity 100% 100% 100%
Total Working Time 30 mins 30 mins 30 mins
Frequency & Time F1: 20 Hz, T1(F1 working time): 2 min

F2: 35 Hz, T2: 3 min

F3: 4 Hz, T3: 1 min

F1, F2, F3: circularly working until reach 30 mins

F1: 30 Hz, T1: 2 min

F2: 45 Hz, T2: 2 min

F3: 4 Hz, T3: 2 min

F1, F2, F3: circularly working until reach 30 mins

F1: 2 Hz, T1: 1 min

F2: 120 Hz, T2: 1 min

F3: 28 Hz, T3: 4 min

F1, F2, F3: circularly working until reach 30 mins

** F1, F2, F3 are recommended frequency, the min. working time for F1, F2, F3 is 1 minute
** F4, F5, F6 are optional frequency, the min. working time for F4, F5, F6 is 0 minute
** To setup working time for F1, F2, F3, touch the position of current frequency value, as indicated by the yellow arrows
**Treatment parameters may vary based on different patients
Is there any case that customers are harmed by your machine?2022-04-16T16:55:48+08:00

No, we’ve sold the hiemtpro machine over 5000 units since Jun. 2020, and no one reported that our machine is harmful.

Auto mode vs Manual mode2022-04-18T20:37:59+08:00

If choose auto mode, after set the basic information of patient, e.g. gender, age range, treatment area, you could start the treatment instantly with pre-programmed parameters.

If choose manual mode, you don’t set the basic informations, but need to manually setup all parameters, e.g. intensity, frequency, time.

In a word, Auto mode is easy for operation and Manual mode is preciser.

If a woman of 120 kg sits on the pelvic floor handpiece, is there problem?2022-04-18T20:38:17+08:00

The weight capacity of the pelvic floor handpiece is 150 kg. So it’s ok for a woman weighing 120 kg to sit on the handpiece.

How many hours does equipment last? Need down time between treatments for machine to cool? 2022-04-18T20:38:33+08:00

The machine can work continuously for a whole day. But after about 6 hours continuous working, the handpiece may become heated.

For best results and patient’s experience, better stop working after 6 hours until the system and handpiece’s temperature return to normal.

How to avoid virus infection between treatments?2022-04-18T20:58:04+08:00
  • Recommend patient to put on bodysuit during treatment.
  • Sterilize the handpieces with 75% alcohol after each treatment. Important: Make sure to wipe up the alcohol sprayed on handpiece, cause alcohol may corrode the handpiece.
Does this machine require a dedicated power outlet?2022-04-18T20:22:00+08:00

No, the dedicated power outlet is not required, the normal home used one is ok.

Popular Models





Popular Models Comparison

Power 1700 VA 1700 VA
Max. Output Power 9 Tesla 9 Tesla
Max. Working Frequency 135 Hz 135 Hz
Voltage 100 ~ 240 V 100 ~ 240 V
Handpieces Working Mode Independently Independently
Recharging System Built-in Built-in
Pulse Width 360 µs 360 µs
Electromagnetic Coil Diameter 129 mm 129 mm
Style Portable Portable
Software Simplified Simplified
LCD Touchscreen Size 8 inches 8 inches
Display Languages English, Spanish,
Italian, Chinese
English, Spanish,
Italian, Chinese
Applicators 2 abdominal handpieces,
2 arms handpieces,
2 abdominal handpieces,
2 arms handpieces,
Cooling System Air cooling Air cooling
Start/Pause Button Available on handpiece  Available on handpiece
Handpiece Connector Type Plug-in Plug-in
EMS Working Intensity 1-15
EMS Working Mode M1: EMS and EMT work simultaneously
M2: EMS and EMT work by turns
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