Glowskin O+


6 in one carbon oxygen system, the Skin Management Expert

Integrating BOHR Effect, Aqua Peel, Cool&heat, 4D RF, Nutrition Spray and Ultrasound, the powerful system for different kinds of skin concerns.

  • Multi-technology applied in one system for treating a wide range of skin concerns
  • Multi liquid bottles containing different serum types for different skin concerns
  • Convenient tool holder keeps treatment handles close at hand
  • 8 Inch LCD touchscreen with user-friendly interface
  • Easy to use, quick and simple set-up
  • Excellent patient results
  • High ROI

7 Treatment Handpieces

BOHR Effect C&O Handpiece

  • Skin lightening, skin moisturizing
  • Skin exfoliation, skin tightening

4D RF Handpiece

  • Collagen regeneration, wrinkle removal
  • Skin firming, facial lifting

Aqua Peel Handpiece

  • Deep cleaning, exfoliating, completely remove mites, blackheads and acnes
  • Deeply infusing, hydrating and renew of skin

Nutrition Spayer

  • By high-speed jet of micro droplets to skin, delivering moisture,vitamins and nutrients into skin

Cool & Heat Handpiece

  • Heat: promote blood circulation, expand pores, enhance absorption of skin care products
  • Cool: Calm skin, tighten pores, lock moisture and hydrate skin

Double Ultrasound Handpieces

  • Enhance cells activity
  • Assist in solution absorption


The BOHR handpiece works with the Carbonate products for best results.

  • 1x Green box, including 6x carbonate tablets, 6x C&O gel, for skin lightening and moisturizing
  • 1x White box, including 6x carbonate tablets, 6x C&O gel, for skin exfoliation and tightening

Multi-Liquid-Bottle System

The Glowskin O+ is equipped with 4 liquid bottles with different serum. Giving you control over serum types, enabling you to tailor the treatment to different skin types and concerns. This can be easily achieved by touch on LCD touchscreen, choose one from the 4 bottles(S1, S2, S3, S4) as your liquid bottle to do specific treatment.

Screen Interface

  • 8 inch LCD touchscreen with user-friendly interface

Technical Specs

FuseFL5X20\3.15A With buffer (with spare fuse)

Packing List

Host1 unit
BOHR Effect C&O Handpiece1 pc
Aqua Peel Handpiece1 pc
Aqua Peel Tips12 pcs ( 2 x 6 )
4D RF Handpiece1 pc
Nutrition Spayer1 pc
Cool & Heat Handpiece1 pc
Ultrasound Handpiece2 pcs
Liquid Bottle4 pcs
Wastewater Recycling Bottle1 pc
BOHR Effect Consumables1x green box, 1x white box
User Manual1 pc
Power Supply Line1 pc

Brochure & Manual

Glowskin O+ Brochure
Glowskin O+ Manual


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