5IN1 fat cavitation System for facial and body contouring

  • Portable design with convenient tool holder,keep handpieces close at hand

  • 8-inch LCD touchscreen with simple&user-friendly interface

  • Combining Fat Cavitation,Radio Frequency,Negative Vacuum,Ultrasonic technology

  • Five handpieces in one system for eyes,face and body

Product Annotations

5 Treatment Handpieces

fat cavitation handpiece

Cavitation Handpiece

  • Used for body

  • Classical 40KHz Cavitaton technology for fat burning

  • Suit to breakdown stubborn fat deposits

radio frequency skin tightening handpiece for stomach

8-Polar RF & Vacuum Handpiece

  • Used for body

  • Powerful Negative Vacuum with Radio Frequency assisted

  • For skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and fat volume shrinking

tripolar radio frequency facial handpiece

Tripolar RF Handpiece

  • Used for body

  • 5MHz Multi-Polar Radio Frequency Technology

  • For skin tightening, skin rejuvenation and fat melt

ultrasound facial handpiece

Ultrasonic Handpiece

  • Used for face

  • 1MHz Ultrasonic Technology for collagen regeneration

  • For facial tightening, whitening and lifting

bipolar rf skin tightening handpiece

Bipolar RF Handpiece

  • Used for eyes

  • 5MHz Multi-polar Radio Frequency Technology

  • For eye bags elimination

Technical Specs

Cavitation Frequency 40KHz
RF Frequency 5MHz
Vacuum Intensity 10KPa~100KPa
Vacuum Working Modes 6
Ultrasonic Frequency 1MHz
Power 100W
Touchscreen Size 8-inch
Voltage 220V/50Hz,110V/60Hz
Unit Dimension 52*52*54cm

Packing List

Host 1 unit
40k Cavitation Handpiece for Body 1 pc
8-Polar RF & Vacuum Handpiece for Body 1 pc
Tripolar RF Handpiece for Body 1 pc
Ultrasonic Handpiece for Face 1 pc
Bipolar RF Handpiece for Eyes 1 pc
Pedal Switch 1 pc
Handpiece Holder 2 pcs
Power Supply Line 1 pc
User Manual 1 pc
Sealing Ring 5 pcs
Hexagonal Wrench 1 pc
Hexagonal Screw 8 pcs

Video & User Manual


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