The Most popular body composition analyzer on the market

Used to analyze patient’s health status through detecting components of human body. Often used in hospital, beauty salon, sports scientific and research center, enterprises, government, gym, club, health management and assessment institution.

  • 8-inch LCD touchscreen with simple and user-friendly interface

  • Come with an external HP printer and a built-in micro thermal printer
  • Be able to store up to 120 complete historical records

  • Visualization interface for easy operation

Product Annotations

8-Point Tactile Electrode System with Thumb Electrodes

body composition analysis hands electrode

Hands electrode

body composition analysis feet electrode

Feet electrode

The 8 points of contact come from the two thumb electrodes, two palm electrodes, two sole electrodes, and two heel electrodes.

The anatomical design of the hand electrode creates a simple holding position that is easy to reproduce.

Using a voltage thumb electrode ensures that current measurement always starts at the wrist; same measurement values are returned even when the patient changes the holding position of the electrode or the contact points on the hand.

Analyzing Report

A4 color paper,100 pcs included in package

body composition analysis A4 report

Thermal paper,9 rollers included

body composition analysis thermal paper

Body composition analysis report directly printed out from the HP printer or thermal printer after test.And report data used to:

  • Provide scientific data for body contouring treatment
  • Properly lose weight to keep the best physical strength
  • Distinguish between muscle type overweight and obesity, find out best way to control weight
  • Guide energy intake and nutrients intake in proportion
  • Be aware of and analyze health status of teenagers, make feasible exercise plan
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic disease

Technical Specs

Test Method Multifrequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (MFBIA)
Test Frequency 20KHz,50KHz,100KHz
Test Time Less than 2 minutes
Print Type Color print & Thermal print
External Port RJ-45,USB2.0
Color Printer A4 paper color ink-jet
Thermal Print Paper Size high 57mm, wide 30mm
Electrode 8 point contact electrode
Weight Test Range 10-200kg
Height Range 90-200cm
Age Range 10-99 years old
Touchscreen Size 8-inch
Power 53VA
Rated Current <180uA
Unit Dimension 42*60*105cm

Packing List

Host 1 unit
Hand Electrode 1 pair
HP Printer 1 set
Printer Power Line 1 pc
A4 color Report Paper 100 pcs
Power Supply Line 1 pc
Crystal Data Line 1 pc
Printer Data Line 1 pc
User Manual 1 pc
Thermal Print Paper 9 rollers

User Manual


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