GZ MTS Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading provider of aesthetic solutions, is passionate about helping customers deliver the most effective results to their patients. Since 2003, MTS has sought to improve upon treatment experiences by enhancing existing technology to give customers the best non-invasive solutions available.

MTS’s non-invasive products treat a wide range of symptoms and are the perfect solutions to address today’s most commonly requested treatments, such as skin tightening, body & facial contouring, cellulite reduction, skin rejuvenation, acne clearance, skin resurfacing, stretch mark reduction, skin lightening and more.

MTS’s skilled and knowledgeable clinical and technical teams, have been at the forefront of implementing new developments in response to market demand, improving upon treatments using existing technologies such as Cryolipolysis and HIFU. By formulating exclusive combination protocols and incorporating different proprietary technologies, MTS achieves enhanced clinical results and greater customer and patient satisfaction.

MTS is established in 2003, with corporate HQ located in China, with direct representation all over the world. MTS’s products, available via distributors or directly, including the Oxygen Facial machine, Cryolipolysis machine, HIFU machine, ESWT machine, Hydradermabrasion machine,etc.




A fanatical focus on our customers’ success will result in our own. We own the relationship with our customers, providing innovative products, exceptional support and a genuine commitment to helping their business.


To be the recognized leader in aesthetic treatments globally. The MTS Company, people and products will represent excellence in everything we do. By 2021 we will double our size, having more global customers and be the #1 consumer brand in our industry.


The Customer is #1, REALLY!
Execution is expected
Act urgently, think strategically
Make the little things count, the big things follow


We believe that beauty is a feeling, not a physical attribute. Skin care and body sculpting don’t need to be complicated. For all faces and bodies, change is possible. Our results are both instant and lasting, and leave people emotionally charged. We challenge the status quo and aim to turn the aesthetics industry upside down with our revolutionary techniques, products and philosophy.


We believe our customers can live confidently through amazing skin and body shape. We believe skin-shape-confidence makes the best first impressions. We believe in no pain, and all gain. So we make sure our customers enjoy the experience and delight in the results. We know our customer’s always want to be their best selves—and MTS helps them get there.


Donald MTS
Sales Manager

Joined MTS on 2011-01-15.
Donald has served as Sales Manager since Jan 2011, using his 10 years of aesthetic device sales experience to drive our sales teams on. Prior to joining MTS, Donald was sales at GMLB factory, where he developed and executed the Sales strategy to hit annual revenue targets.

What does Donald love doing when he is not working?
In his free time, Donald is a singer. He likes to sing anytime,anywhere even though he is not musically gifted. He also likes watching movies,swimming and running.

What does Donald say about his experience at MTS?
“When I first started at MTS I felt in my place, like at home, all of the crew made me feel comfortable like a second family. Now I know that is the way we can achieve our goals. “

Sophia MTS

Joined MTS on 2012-02-07.
Sophia has served as sales since Feb 2012, she was often rated as #1 sales due to her unique and creative sales strategy, which encouraged the whole team and drove sales revenue growth. Prior to joining MTS, Sophia was sales at electric appliance shop and door&window shop, where she developed and improved her knowledge, her experience, and her skills to deal with African importers. That is why the sales position is a great fit for her.

What does Sophia love doing when she is not working?
She is a photographer. She likes to record every wonderful moment with her EOS 600d and on the other side – she adores the silence and the loneliness. She also likes to travel and reading novels.

What does Sophia say about her experience at MTS?
“MTS is a place for friends where you can grow step by step reaching high level of competence, supported by your colleagues. That has been clear since the very first moment I joined the team.”

Hebe MTS

Joined MTS on 2015-06-02.
Hebe has served as sales since June 2015, her outstanding ability to close the deal on the exhibition is very impressive. She made a great contribution on company development by concluding transactions and building business relation with more and more clients.

What does Hebe love doing when she is not working?
Her passionate love is the online shopping. Shopping everything which let her look better. Such as clothes, makeups, handbags and stuff all other women like. She also likes to travel alone, especially in the big city.

What does Hebe say about her experience at MTS?
“MTS is a second family to me. The crew helped each other. And this family gives me a strong feel of belonging sense and I’ll be here to serve for years.”

Christiana MTS

Joined MTS on 2015-06-02.
Christiana is light-hearted and up for expanding her horizons at all times. Always willing to help, regardless if she is at work or outside the office.

What does Christiana love doing when she is not working?
Outside of work, Christiana can be found hanging out with friends or curled up with a good book. She enjoys watching all kinds of movies and TV shows.

What does Christiana say about her experience at MTS?
“I find the nature of this job quite fascinating and I do enjoy learning more and more every day. Also, the atmosphere here in the office truly is amazing!”

Michael MTS

Joined MTS on 2016-02-17.
Michael is a positive and outgoing person with a lovely sense of humor. Always ready for challenges and approaching them in a serious and in the same time entertainable way.

What does Michael love doing when he is not working?
He loves watching movies and doing sports at anytime. He is interested in all kinds of sports, the favorite of which are basketball and volleyball. He dreams of traveling but has a fear of airplanes.

What does Michael say about his experience at MTS?
“When I first started at MTS I was hoping to find my place in an office working environment, now not only I found the right place for me, but I also met very intelligent and exciting new people.”

Alice MTS

Joined MTS on 2016-02-17.
Alice is always there to help. She is positive and in constant search of balance in life, work and relationships. Her motto is “There is no higher purpose in life. We are all here to help and support each other! Best thing in life is the help you can give to the rest of the world.”

What does Alice love doing when she is not working?
In her free time Alice is a crazy online-offline shopper, she likes to travel around the world to go shopping with friends whenever she can.

What does Alice say about her experience at MTS?
“Being part of the MTS Family is a real pleasure for me as I have the opportunity to learn daily which would make me a better version of myself. That’s something each person should strive to.”

Monica MTS

Joined MTS on 2017-07-09.
Monica is a an artistic character with heavy feelings also responsible and sensitive to her friends.

What does Monica love doing when she is not working?
In her free time Monica likes to stay together with friends for shopping and party, she is also good at cooking and invite friends to gather together.

What does Monica say about her experience at MTS?
“I’m happy to work here in MTS, collegues help each other and the atmosphere here in the office is great! Everybody is making progress here by learning everyday”

Jack MTS

Joined MTS on 2018-03-14.
Jack is a guy with a very dry sense of humor and genius. Prior to joining MTS, Jack was a senior graphic designer. Believe it or not, he learned PS by himself for just 6 months before he got that job.

What does Jack love doing when he is not working?
When not working Jack spends his time playing mobile games and basketball.

What does Jack say about his experience at MTS?
“When I first started at MTS I thought that it is going to be very challenging. Now it turns out I was right – every day is different – different clients with different inquires, but I am a Capricorn and I just love challenges.”