2023 New way to build muscle and burn fat

Powered by MMS (Magnetic Muscle Stimulation) technology, HIEMTPRO helps you build muscle and burn fat simultaneously at 6 body parts: abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, biceps, triceps.


Portable 4 paddles muscle building and fat burning machine.

  • The most popular HIEMTPRO EMSlim machine now.

  • EMT & EMS 2in1 system.

  • Total 4 paddles work simultaneously for different patients or different areas, more profitable.

  • Suitable for your salon, spa, clinic and home use.

HIEMT MAX3 Light 2Abs

Portable 2 paddles muscle building and fat burning machine.

  • Hot-selling HIEMTPRO EMSlim machine.

  • Total 2 paddles work simultaneously.

  • Much cheaper price with superior quality and perfect expected results.

  • Suitable for your salon, spa, clinic and home use.

UltraAge 8D

Professional HIFU machine for your whole body treatment.

  • For facial lifting, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation & whitening & tightening, fat dissolving and body contouring.

  • Machine comes with 2 handles and 8 cartridges, covering your whole body treatment.

  • Single-row cartridge for face + Multi-row cartridge for body + 360° circular cartridge for topical area.
  • Suitable for your salon, spa and clinic.

FreezeFats DoubleChin

Portable 4 heads cryolipolysis machine for local fat burning and body contouring.

  • The most popular cryolipolysis fat freezing machine now.

  • Built-in Heating-Cooling looping technology for anti-frostbite.

  • Machine comes with 4 treatment heads of different size for different areas.

  • Freezing temperature up to -11 ℃.

  • Suitable for your salon, spa, clinic and home use.


The pneumatic ballistic radial extracorporeal shockwave therapy machine.

  • The most powerful ESWT machine on the market.

  • For sports injury recovery, rehabilitation therapy, chronic pain relief, cellulite reduction, erectile dysfunction.

  • Comes with 6 treatment tips of different size for different treatment parts.

  • Powerful energy up to 6 Bar with faster speed up to 21 Hz thanks to the powerful built-in compressor.
  • Suitable for your clinic and home use.

ShockWave PRO

The most popular portable shockwave therapy machine on the market.

  • For chronic pain treatment, especially for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) treatment and Peyronie’s Disease (PD) treatment.
  • Machine comes with 7 tips for different treatment area.

  • Comes with specially designed tips with low intensity for ED treatment.
  • Preprogrammed treatment protocols and settings for simple use.
  • Suitable for your clinic and home use.


MTS is a pioneer in the field of aesthetics and was the first to introduce and enhance many technologies in the field, like MMS muscle building, Cryolipolysis fat burning, HIFU facial lifting, ESWT chronic pain relief, Microneedling RF skin rejuvenation. At MTS AESTHETICS we put performance and service as core values, so that our customers can deliver the best possible results for their patients.


Customer reviews

We generate results for our customers.

MTS Aesthetics is a great company. I have purchased from them several times and am never disappointed. Not only are their machines top notch they have great customer service. I will continue to work them for my aesthetic needs.

Joan Johnson

Great Customer Service. Product arrived in less then 2 weeks from order date and in a nice crate that kept everything secure. Easy to assemble and works great!

Eric washburn

I’m very satisfied ! Always that I need help, any questions, they answer me on time! They help me with photos and information for my business promotions! I am very comfy with they! I recomend.

Rhodes Arocho Torres

Product is great. Only issue was resolved quickly. The issue was that the unit required an unlock code that was not disclosed in any emails or with the product on arrival.

Mary Pults